About Us

MADIGAN Fire Extinguisher has been located, and in continuous operation in Orange County New York since 1957. Family-owned and operated by firefighters, we know what is required.  Whether you are a daycare, corporate office, factory or warehouse, we make sure you meet OSHA and state labor department standards for fire safety. Let us put our training and experience to work for you.

At MADIGAN Fire Extinguisher we pride ourselves in a history of timely and reliable service, performed in our own shop by our trained and experienced technicians.  Our knowledge and skill ensures guaranteed and proper service, taking the time necessary to assure your satisfaction.


NFPA Pamphlet 10 requires annual maintenance inspections of portable fire extinguishers. Whether your facility is located in Orange, southern Sullivan, southern Ulster or the southwest corner of Dutchess Counties, MADIGAN Fire Extinguisher offers on-site services for our customers, ensuring convenient inspections and updates on your maintenance needs.  This includes maintaining  a record of upcoming maintenance and scheduling a date to keep you current on your inspection needs.


Testing your fire extinguishers during the prescribed intervals is important.  All testing must be done to comply with NFPA and DOT regulations.  All testing is done in our own certified facilities so you can trust our experienced technicians for the best possible service.


With a thorough knowledge of the requirement of NFPA Pamphlet 10, we can ensure you have the correct type and size of extinguisher to meet your requirements.  We are a distributor for Buckeye Fire Extinguishers (Made in the USA), and guarantee affordable prices on every order.   We can also provide installation service on delivery to your location.

Whether you are starting a new business, need and updated survey or just an annual maintenance inspection, we are a company you can trust.